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English Information

Every country and its region has unique festivities which are not only popular in the country of origin but also were there is a diaspora of that people.

The most important festivity in North Germany is a special kale meal which is held in winter throughout the region. The meal consists of a variety of special sausages, kale, potatoes and – of course – a lot of German beer and “Schnaps” (or Aquavit).

This event has its roots in the “Schaffermahl”, a kale-dinner which is held in Bremen every February since 1545.

In Asia we do not have a 500 year tradition (yet), however the kale-dinner “movement” started in Hong Kong approx. 25 years ago, followed by similar events in Singapore, Tokyo, Shanghai, Taipei and many other Asian cities.

On March 18, 2022 we are going to celebrate the 22nd dinner. Live on stage this year will be „Adoga“! They also have rehearsed popular North German songs for us!

Over the years, the event became a good old tradition of Taipei’s German community, drawing approx. 100 participants every year. The kale-dinner is a non-profit event organized by a voluntary “kale-committee”, financed through the entrance-fee and with donations and sponsoring from International & Taiwanese companies.

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