Collecting and processing of personal data


By accepting the General Services Conditions of INXSOFT at the time of check-out, You agree to the collection, processing and use of personal data according to the provisions of Article 8 in the Personal Data Protection Act of Taiwan (Republic of China). It is our obligation to inform You in the following paragraphs. This agreement is part of our General Service Conditions.

  1. Company: INXSOFT 互軟有限公司 11493台北市內湖區洲子街55號
  2. Purpose of collection: According to the specific categories of the Personal Data Protection Act and as announced by the Ministry of Justice in Taiwan (Republic of China) the purpose of collection are for the following, specific purposes:

1.) 040 Marketing
2.) 069 Contract, contract-like or other legal relation matters
3.) 090 Consumer, Customer Management and Service
4.) 118 Intellectual property rights, the disc management and other related administrative
5.) 135 Information (Communication) Services
6.) 136 Information (Communication) and database Management
7.) 137 Information and Communication Security and Management
8.) 148 Internet shopping and other electronic commerce services
9.) 152 Advertisement or commercial behavior administration
10.) 153 Movie, television, music and media administration
11.) 157 Investigation, statistics and research analysis
12.) 160 Certificate Business Administration

  1. Following Categories of Your personal data are collected, processed and used in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act and as announced by the Ministry of Justice in Taiwan (Republic of China): 
Category Examples
C001 Type for identifying individuals Name, title, address, office address, previous address, home telephone number, cell phone number, messenger account, internet web signing up account, postal and resident address, photograph, fingerprint, the E-mail address, digital signature, serial number of certificate card, certificate serial number, record providing internet identity authentication or applying inquiry service record as well as any other data which can identify the individual.
C003 Type for identifying in government data The number of personal ID card, certificate identity number, tax registration numbers, the number of Insurance certificate, the disabled manual number, the number of retirement certificate and the number of passport, etc.
C011 Individual description Age, gender, date of birth, native place, nationality and voice, etc.
C031 Residence and facilities The address of residence, the type of facility, householder or tenant, the years for living, rent, taxes and other spending, type, value and owner name of the house.
C033 Immigration For example: Passport, work-permission document, residency proof document, the limitation of habitation or travel, the prerequisite of entry and other related detail, etc.
C038 Occupation School principal, elected representatives or other occupations, etc.
C052 Qualification or technique Qualification for diploma, professional technique, special license (such as pilot’s license), governmental vocational training process, national examination, grades and other training record, etc.
C061 Current status of employment Employer, title in the work place, the description about work, ranking, the date of employment, working hour, the working place, character of industry, the condition and period being offered, the previous liabilities and experiences related to the existing employer, etc.
C073 Details concerning security Password, security number and the levels of authorization, etc.
C091 Goods or services obtained by data subject Details concerning the obtained goods or services, loans applied by data subject and his or her employment, etc.
C093 Financial deals The amount paid, the amount of credit limit, guarantor, the way to pay, record of dealing, financial guarantee or other warranty, etc.
C113 Races or origin of birth Ethnic information and place of birth
C132 Data unclassified Mails, files, reports or e-mails unclassified ,etc.
Other types of personal data which may directly or indirectly identify You.
  1. Duration, Region, entity and methods of use:

1.) Duration: The duration of the personal data usage in accordance with this contract between You and INXSOFT with aforementioned list may survive this contract in accordance with relevant data retention laws but may not be used for a longer period than allowed by law.

2.) Entity: INXSOFT entitles other companies in the Group, which may be subsidiaries of INXSOFT in its operating country or its international companies, its consultants, partners and local authorities, where INXSOFT and its entities are legally based and operating for international transmission of personal data within these regions as specified in below point. (3.).

3.) Region: In addition to Taiwan (Republic of China) You agree to international data transmission of before mentioned list of personal data according to article 2 in the Personal Data Protection Act of Taiwan (Republic of China). The usage of this data includes (but may not be limited to) personal data which is necessary for registration and processing of payment data.

4.) Methods: INXSOFT verifies Your identity, by automatic and non-automatic means which may include but are not restricted to electronic international transmission of Your data in order to provide services to You. The international transmission methods are as defined by the laws of Taiwan (Republic of China).

  1. In accordance with article 3 of the Personal Data Protection Act, You may exercise following rights with regards to Your personal data:

1.) Your rights to Your personal data:

  1. You may request a visualization of Your data and obtain a copy from INXSOFT; INXSOFT may charge a fee for this service.
    b. You may request INXSOFT to supplement or correct your data and to provide details in compliance with the law.
    c. You can request INXSOFT to put an end to the collection, processing, and use of Your personal data, or to delete Your data, except for the data necessary for the operation of our services; INXSOFT has the right to refuse your request.

2.) Recourse: Your request must be in writing to INXSOFT mailing address.

  1. If you refuse to provide Your personal data:

You have the right to decide whether you want to provide Your personal data. If you refuse to provide Your personal data, INXSOFT can not proceed with Your order; it will be impossible to supply You with the concerned services. Also, if You cancel this agreement or ask us to put an end to the collection, processing, and use of Your personal data or delete your personal data, INXSOFT will be forced to terminate or suspend the provision of our services to You.

  1. INXSOFT displays a link to this Contract when You place an order with INXSOFT. After reading the agreement, You can check the box to the left of the link, it means that You have read and accepted the Agreement. The order will then be validated. If you do not accept to this Agreement, please do not proceed with the order. According to Article 7 of the Personal Data Protection Act and Article 4 of the Electronic Signatures Act, You grant INXSOFT hereby to perform the mentioned operations electronically, and You confirm that You have read and understood above contents about the collection, processing and use of your personal data and You agree that INXSOFT collects, processes and transmits your persona data internationally for the use as previously indicated. You acknowledge to have read and accepted this Agreement electronically and without a written record.